Vid Catches Weinstein Pal, Ben Affleck, Telling TV Host To Take Her Top Off

Soon after numerous reports of sexual harassment, assault, and rape against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein hit the media, Hollywood actors and politicians close to the producer were pressured to condemn the egregious accusations. Actor Ben Affleck, who was accused by alleged Weinstein victim and actress Rose McGowan of knowing about the producer’s shady sexual misconduct, was one such Hollywood star who’s come under the spotlight.

After finally condemning his old pal, Affleck was hit with an accusation (backed up by uncovered video) of groping actress and former Total Request Live host Hilarie Burton.

Compounding the Batman actor’s troubles, a resurfaced backstage video from 2004 of Affleck rubbing up on Box Office host Anne-Marie Losique is making the rounds on Facebook. While the woman is laughing, Affleck makes numerous sexual comments, such as recommending she do the interview “topless.” He also appears to mock the mentally disabled, slurring his words and deliberately moving his arm.

“They would like it better if you did this show topless, the station, wouldn’t they?” asks Affleck, while hugging on Losique.

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