Trump Just Made Tree Huggers Everywhere Lose Their Minds

On Thursday, the Trump administration revealed their intention to pursue American energy independence in a way that sent environmentalists into a frenzy. The Administration would allow off-shore drilling in most U.S. continental shelf waters, including the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.

The Interior Department pointed out that over three billion barrels of oil is recoverable on the outer continental shelf, along with more than 30 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. States will gain money and jobs from the intended drilling. The plan would make accessible 90% of offshore land for drilling as part of a five-year plan.

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke stated, “This is a draft program. Nothing is final yet, and our department is continuing to engage the American people to get to our final product.” He pointed out, “We want to grow our nation’s offshore energy industry, instead of slowly surrendering it to foreign shores.” He added, “We’re going to become the strongest energy superpower. We certainly have the assets to do that.”

Some governors objected to the proposal, including Maryland’s Larry Hogan, South Carolina’s Henry McMaster, New Jersey’s Chris Christie, and Florida’s Rick Scott.

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