Tiny doses of magic mushrooms can BOOST your problem-solving skills - without the risk of a 'bad-trip'

f you’ve got a tricky problem that needs solving, a minute dose of magic mushrooms could help you to crack it, according to a new study. 

Researchers have revealed that tiny doses of magic mushrooms and truffles could help you to produce more new and creative ideas.

The team, from Leiden University have looked at the effects of ‘microdosing’ on a person’s brain functionwithin a natural setting. 

The study involved 36 participants, who were asked to carry out a range of tasks both before and after taking small doses of magic mushrooms.

The tasks assessed their convergent thinking (the identification of a single solution to a problem), their fluid intelligence (the capacity to reason and solve new problems) and their divergent thinking (the ability to recognise many possible solutions).

The researchers also analysed the active substances present in the truffles consumed by participants.

The results revealed that after taking the microdose, participants’ convergent thinking skills improved.

Participants also had more creative ideas about how to solve the task, suggesting their divergent thinking had also improved.

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