Sorry, Libs: Beta Males Just Don’t Cut It

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all” is not a blank check to bitch about the inherent “unfairness” of basic biology. Especially as it relates to attraction. Yet our 21st century first world problems largely consist of tedious fluff about gender fluidity. Fat pride. How controlling the need to projectile vomit when objecting to coitus with a transperson is tantamount to genocide. My what a privileged time when live in. Our nation’s founders fled religious persecution. Modern self-appointed gender heroes flee triggering jean sizes.

Biology isn’t about fairness. Attraction isn’t about equality. What gets a man or woman hot is not politically correct or motivated. Attraction never was and never shall be determined by what butch-cutted social justice warrior lesbians at BuzzFeed say it should be. Keep blue for our oceans. Not armpits.

Which brings me to Newsweek. They’re flabbergasted. Despite a barrage of hate aimed at “toxic masculinity,” after years of dismantling triggering gender roles, women still flip their hair for tall, dark and handsome men with cash. Leaving skinny-jean hipsters to pine in their mothers’ basements. Consoled with nothing but trashy magazines. Looking forward to nothing but next week’s Antifa protest. Having eyes only for their lowly potted plant, which is subjected to regular masturbatory abuse.

Here’s a poignant pull quote:

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