Ronan Farrow Shivs “Misleading” NBC News Over Why Harvey Weinstein Probe Was Deep Sixed

“The story was twice cleared and deemed ‘reportable’ by legal and standards only to be blocked by executives who refused to allow us to seek comment from Harvey Weinstein,” said Farrow on Monday night online. Extremely to the point, the tweet from the ex-MSNBC host and current New Yorker contributor basically kneecapped Lack’s proclamation that the reason his months long in the making piece never made it to air back in 2017 was that it was widely considered at the organization to not be “ready for broadcast.”

That wasn’t the only blow struck for Farrow against Lack and NBC News tonight as a former producer and one of Weinstein’s accusers distinctly backed the journalist, who exited NBC last year for the David Remnick edited magazine.

Following his remarks to the New York Times last week that NBC News committed a “massive breach of journalistic integritiy” in not running Farrow’s Weinstein reporting, ex-NBC Investigative Unit producer Rich McHugh took another strong swing at his old employer late Monday. In a tweet, McHugh advocated an “independent investigation” of what happened,  saying that “the release of an internally drafted report without a complete investigation and transparency for participants only raises more questions than answers.”

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