Only half dozen people attended a #DraftBeto Event in California

ABC News Bakersfield reported on a “Draft Beto” gathering that occurred over the weekend for people who want former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) to run for president in 2020. Sadly for Beto, it looked like hardly anyone attended the event.

ABC News Bakersfield’s Noelle Lilley asked the event organizer, Stephanie Lancaster, why she wanted Beto to run for president in 2020.

“He’s new, he’s looking toward the future, and he is actively addressing our young adults,” Lancaster said.

In the background, the ABC News camera caught about a half dozen people.

Lilley then asked Lancaster what makes Beto a better 2020 Democratic presidential candidate than the others who have officially announced they’re running.

“The excitement he brought in 2018. He came so close to winning in that super red state of Texas,” Lancaster said.

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