NFL Ties MSNBC As One Of America’s Most Polarizing Brands in USA

The NFL’s apparent campaign to use anthem protests to turn themselves into the most polarizing brand in America, has nearly succeeded.

The proof of that success came this week in a Morning Consult survey of most polarizing brands in America in 2018. While the NFL did not seize the top spot in this infamous list, it ranked a whole lot higher than any sports league ever should.

Of the 29 brands on the list, the NFL ranked as the 6th least polarizing. The brands rated more polarizing than the NFL, in order, were: Trump Hotels, CNN. Fox News, NBC News, and the New York Times. The NFL tied with MSNBC for the 6th most polarizing brand.

Do not adjust your screens, you read that right: People find the NFL just as polarizing as Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews.

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