MOMMA! MSNBC Anchor Drags Mom On Air To ‘Scold’ Trump [VIDEO]

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle brought her mother in the studio to lecture President Donald Trump and ask him to do a better job.

Ruhle said on her show Thursday it was “take-your-parents-to-work day” and introduced her mother, Louise Ruhle, as one of the “suburban, white women” who elected Trump to the White House.

Ruhle asked her mother what her message to Trump is.

“I did vote for you,” she said to the camera. “I’m disappointed in the job you’re doing. I know you didn’t prepare. You aren’t ready for all the things that come down your way. But, please, work a little bit harder. Listen to all the women around you and do a better job. There’s always tomorrow.”

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