Megyn Kelly’s NBC Career Implosion: Ugly, Dramatic, and Inevitable

Few, if any, network news careers end prettily. 

The egos are too big, and the money is too large, for a quiet, cordial exit. One thinks of Dan Rather, who ended up suing CBS— for which he worked loyally for more than four decades, only to be abandoned amid a forgery scandal—or Today host Billy Bush, fired after the leak of the Access Hollywood tape; or Ann Curry, who shed tears of on-air rage as she was pushed out of NBC’s Today show; or, for that matter, the man Curry blamed for her sacking, alleged sexual predator Matt Lauer.

Even by those standards, however, the brutal collapse of Megyn Kelly’s NBC News career, after barely 18 months, is especially ugly—and embarrassingly public.

The former Fox News star, who is 47, is an instant non-person at 30 Rock—the object of widespread revulsion both inside and outside NBC—a mere 48 hours after she blurted out, on Tuesday’s installment of her ratings-challenged 9 a.m. show Megyn Kelly Today, a defense of white people who don blackface for Halloween, which her NBC colleague Craig Melvindescribed on the next day’s Today show as “racist” and “ignorant.”

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