IRAN VIOLATES imposed limit on Enriched Uranium, world eyes Israeli response

Ravanchi added that Iran has announced the elements of the second phase for modifying its nuclear deal undertakings.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran will firmly continue its move to decrease the nuclear deal undertakings and to this end will soon take the first step and pass the ceiling of 300kg of enriched uranium," said a source to the Persian-language Khorassan newspaper, according to Fars.

In May, Iran set a 60 day ultimatum which ends on July 16 for remaining members of the nuclear deal to fulfill bank and oil commitments towards Iran, according to Fars. This opportunity will not be extended according to Iranian authorities.

The United States withdrew from the pact last year under which Iran accepted curbs on its nuclear programme in return for access to international trade. Iran has said it wants to abide by the agreement but cannot do so indefinitely as new US sanctions mean it is receiving none of the benefits.

"Our sanctions do not give Iran the right to accelerate its nuclear programme," US envoy Hook said in an interview before talks with European officials. "It can never get near a nuclear bomb. We are looking very closely at that so it doesn't get below the one year nuclear breakout time."

France, Britain and Germany have sent an official diplomatic warning to Iran if Tehran reduces its compliance with the accord, two European diplomats said in June.