Dem Apologies After Encouraging Conservative Parkland Student to try Pot

Rep. Ted Lieu issued a quick apology on Twitter Sunday after inviting a Parkland, Florida, school shooting survivor, Kyle Kashuv, to California to experience the state’s “awesome cannabis” when he turns 21.

“While I am proud of California’s legal cannabis law, I can see why saying this to you can be misinterpreted because you are not 21,” Lieu wrote in reply to Kashuv about the post. “I hereby apologize. You should listen to your parents.”

In a previous tweet exchange with Kashuv, Lieu touted California’s economic achievements before telling Kashuv, “When you get to 21, come here and experience our awesome #cannabis,” adding that, in the meantime, he can drink “butterbeer” in Harry Potter World at California’s Universal Studios park.

The California Democrat has attracted a wide following on social media outside his own district for his wit and playful digs at President Donald Trump.

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