Dating App That Shunned the NRA Teams Up With Planned Parenthood

Bumble, which purports to a be a more “sophisticated” and “serious” dating app than its college co-ed counterpart, Tindr, won’t let people pose in their profile photos with guns because they don’t approve of the NRA or its stranglehold on politics. But this weekend, the same app announced that they’ll be giving generously to Planned Parenthood — which gives far more to political figures than the NRA — donating to the abortion provider every time Bumble users “swipe right” on a potential match.

If you “match” with Planned Parenthood, you can even choose to donate yourself.

The app announced their partnership on Saturday, and it’s not the first time Bumble has made a pact with the nation’s most murderous organization.

So much for Bumble’s commitment to “thinking of the children.” They may not want to admit that law-abiding American citizens are Constitutionally allowed to possess firearms, but they are absolutely willing to provide material support to an organization responsible for more than 300,000 deaths per year.

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