Blue State Dems Propose Banning Youth Football

Democrats in Maryland are working to ban middle school-aged and younger children, from playing contact sports such as football on public property.

State Democrats insist that something needs to be done to protect “vulnerable” children who are still in the developmental stages of their lives.

“I love football. I watched through this season and last season, and even through all of the other tumult of the NFL,” State Senator William C. Smith, Jr., told the Baltimore Sun. “I think football’s here to stay, but if we can do small things to ensure that people are fully prepared to engage in football, which is inherently a dangerous sport, I think that’s a worthy cause.”

Consequently, Sen. Smith (D, Tacoma Park) introduced a bill to ban rough and tumble sports like football and even aspects of soccer, Lacrosse, and hockey, from public sports facilities.

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