Bill Clinton: Norms of ‘What You Can Do to Someone Against Their Will’ Have Changed

President Bill Clinton’s new interview with PBS NewsHour, which aired last week, featured some shocking, and strikingly tone-deaf, comments from the former president about sexual harassment and assault, including his opinion that “what you can do to someone against their will” has changed.

The New York Times‘ Alex Burns tweeted an excerpt from a RealClearPolitics article, which quoted Clinton’s PBS interview.

Clinton’s comments seem to suggest that he believes there was a time in which doing anything against someone’s will was acceptable or normal.

Clinton also defended ousted Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), who resigned from the U.S. Senate amid sexual harassment allegations. Clinton said, as part of his comments on Franken, that “maybe I’m just an old-fashioned person.”

The #MeToo era has, among many other things, highlighted the fact that there’s nothing ‘normal’ or “old-fashioned” about sexual harassment and assault, whether incidents occurred decades ago or are happening today.

That he would think Franken’s actions, or his own, are defensible is another sign the former Democratic president is shockingly unapologetic about the people he harmed earlier in his career.

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