Bid to split California into 3 states gains traction

In a midterm season marked by primary upsets and the prospect of Democrats claiming a congressional check on President Trump’s power, another sensational development has been the momentum behind a ballot measure to split up the unwieldy, high-tax state of California.

The California secretary of state last month verified almost a half-million signatures collected by Cal3 initiative backer Tim Draper, qualifying it for the November ballot.

But could the seemingly quixotic bid to split California into three separate states become reality?

Californians shouldn’t worry about getting their driver’s licenses redone quite yet – the initiative has plenty of hurdles to surmount, even if it beats the odds and is approved by voters in November. 

“There are a lot of what-ifs,” Citizens for Cal3 spokeswoman Peggy Grande acknowledged.

But she maintained the state is “too big to govern.”

“This is about people who want California to be fixed and saved and this is the way to do it,” Grande told Fox News. “We have crumbling infrastructure, dirty water and failing schools. In almost every statistic, 49 states are doing better.” 

If the measure does pass, those what-ifs include everything from the impact of litigation to the question of congressional approval to confusion over state-level support.

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